As an active member of the social media and new media community, I get a lot of requests to pass along information from a variety of sources. Mostly it’s people who would like to let the world know about their latest projects. That can be anything from a guest post to a stop on a blog tour. Sometimes it’s a promo audio. I’ve even had authors send me videos.

In my normal scheme of bloggery, most of that stuff doesn’t fit. My Trader’s Diary and Lammas Wood blogs are for news about those universes, or things that I have good reason to believe might be of interest to those audiences. But what about – for example – telling you about Michael J. Parker’s latest book about the frozen north, or Victorine Leske’s sequel to Not What She Seems? There’s no real place for them in my normal blogs so I started this one.

Toss the feed in your reader and you’ll get information about the latest hot indie releases from the authors themselves. I hope this will be a dynamic and exciting place.

Stay tuned for the next post at Nathan Lowell Presents…

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